Extra ... and not the gum

Hundreds of photo were taken in the quest to achieve the perfect one. Ok, maybe not hundreds, but definitely a lot. Some were great, just too dark (silly me playing with aperture settings), or too light (again, me and the aperture having a bad day). Some had too much background, or were just the wrong angle. Some just looked plain strange.
This is some of those. But this is also some that are perfect cupcake specimens, but only a limited number were needed for the layout, so these still deserve credit for being fantastic models.

Most artists never show off their failures, but I am not an artist. My 'failures' are part of the fun - I know I can't be perfect all the time (and it took me many years to learn that one, let me tell you).

Click on the little picture to make it bigger, but be careful, some are huge (a few are heading towards 2.5MB) so probably not suited to a slow internet connection. Hover your mouse over the image to read my comments about the photo.

It was completely coincidental to get my name tag in           Poor little bent cherry stick

There is horrid lighting in my office, probably because it's made for working, not taking photos of cupcakes

It has potential ... just a little too bright

They look much better as a small image, you can barely even tell that they are blurry

Ah, who left that stuff in the background!
Almost ready for a  magazine cover ... except for that one crooked knife!

I know these arent cupcakes, but they are jelly beans, as they are just as yummy ... and sugary!

Perfection in the making!           These tasted as bad as they looked :o