Got a sweet tooth?

I do, hence the new girly cupcakey layout. Tis a huge change from my usual dark, hardcore riot grrl layouts and I quite like it. Upgrading to teh pretty doesn't mean there will actually be anything here. It's like plastic surgery; ironing out the wrinkles doesn't make you a better person.

However, in saying that, there is a little bit of new content. New photos (coz you can never have too much ME), an updated profile bit, and perhaps a few random peices of fanfic, coz I find it amusing when non-fangirly people are faced with femslash.

To give credit when credit is due, cupcakes on pitt did create the lovely vanilla sundae cupcakes used in the making of this layout, and offered appropriate offended looks when I asked for a 'pretty' cupcake on several occasions. In my defence, have you ever tried to photograph a cupcake that you just didn't bond with? If so, then you would know how difficult it can be, so the optimum cupcake must be sought where ever possible.

Credit for the batch of cupcakes with blueberries on top goes to myself and my mother, for our exceptional kitchen skills in the face of doubt (and lack of beaters). These ended up being cut from the final edit, but they are still brillant pieces of work and can be viewed in the extra bit.

Several cupakes were hurt eaten in the making of this layout, but no complaints were received.

Edit: I just realised this looks horrid on a computer running firefox on linux, but i'm assuming not too many of you have linux, so it should be ok ;)