What's she on?

A valid question, with a very simple answer: a lot. I'm naturally odd, no substances needed. Substances just make me nicer and more tolerable.

Now we have that out of the way, onto the serious stuff.

In the real world people call me: Em, Emmy, Kait, Trouble or hey you
Online people call me: Em, emthefrootloop, SugarHiccup, _purplebrat or Froot`Loops
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Age: 25
Marital status: Quite very taken (and happily so).
Occupation: Property Contract Administrator (complete with business cards!), plus doing a double degree - Bachelor of Technology through Swinburne Uni in Melbourne, and Bachelor of Arts (Security, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism) through Murdoch Uni in Perth. Complicated much?
Piercing/tattoos: Tatt on the inside of my right wrist (Jemima Puddleduck), inside of the right ankle (Japanese kanji for 'dreams'), lower back (pretty swirly starry thing) and shoulder (butterfly). Belly peircing, 2 earings (flesh tunnels actually) in each ear plus conch and the cartlidge, a bar thru my tounge, a bar through each nipple and a nose peircing!
Most overused word/phrase: Seriously (used in practically any situation, usually an exclamation), or Hardcore.

I love sugar - in any form (not that it's in the slightest bit obvious), photography (specifically stills & food, hence inspiration for this layout), writing, reading, women and the color purple. Take any of those away from me and i'm sure the world will stop. I'm vegetarian, but don't really like vegetables. However I do love Vietnamese food. And sugar. Have I mentioned the sugar?

My computer is littered with half written peices of writing, primarily (but not limited to) fan-fiction in some form. My dictaphone contains the other half of most of them , but by the time it comes to putting them together I don't like them anymore.

I am an fangirl of the highest level and can not live without my (butch!Olivia) SVU, (Abbie-centric) Law & Order, Trial By Jury, Women's Murder Club, Criminal Minds, Bones, CSI, Grey's Anatomy OMG THEY DID WHAT TO ERICA & CALLEIGH? and any possible appearance by Stephanie March.

I have a short (very very very short) attention span, which means I shall shoosh now because, well ... you know.