I Won't if You Don't

PEN NAME: purplebrat
DISCLAIMER: Blame me for the story and Dick Wolf for the characters. NBC owns them, I just borrow them occasionally. No infringement intended.
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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Originally written for the tbj_ladies LJ community challenge Embarrassing.

"Trace, we really shouldn't ..." Tracey captured her partners mouth with her own, silencing the weak protests while enjoying the reaction she invoked in the younger woman. Satisfied that Kelly would remain quiet this time, Tracey turned her attention back to the silky, sensitive skin of her partners neck and throat, paying particular attention to the reaction brought about by light nibble on her collarbone.

"I don't see you making any effort to move," Tracey whispered into her partners ear, moments before capturing the lobe in her teeth. Kelly growled softly at the touch; communicating both consent and pleasure to her lover. Taking advantage of her partners acquiescence, Tracey undid the last button on a piece of clothing hindering her access to more delicate skin and discarded it over a nearby bench. Sliding her hands inside the tank top still hugging her partners body Tracey gently cupped her breasts and lightly ran her thumbs over each nipple, feeling them spring to life through their fabric constraints.

Fingers still teasing her girlfriends nipples, Tracey kissed her way up Kelly’s chest, over her collarbone, up her neck and across her cheek, coming to rest on her mouth where she tasted the sweet desire on her lovers tongue. Tracey felt the body pinned to the wall tremble as her hand stole under the fabric of her bra.

“These have been teasing me all day,” she whispered into her lover’s ear, caressing a warm nipple for emphasis.

Kelly tensed and wound her hands into her lover’s dark curls, clutching her tightly for support; finding it increasingly difficult to hold herself upright with the arousal coursing through her body. She was aware the effect her breasts had on her girlfriend; many time, even before they were together, Kelly had caught the subtle and sometimes not so subtle glances Tracey sent in the direction of her chest. She didn’t play on her partners fascination, but had she known the outfit she chose this morning would mean ending up in this position, she would have worn it more often, and definitely planned to make use of it in the future.

A sharp bite to the neck brought Kelly crashing back to the present with a gasp. “What are you smiling at,” a ragged voice whispered up at her. Laughing out loud, not realising her thoughts were showing, quickly brought her partners hand up over her mouth to silence her.

“You convinced me no one was here, why are you so worried about keeping me quiet?”

Damn that logic. The last thing Tracey wanted was for her girlfriend to know she had heard several noises, indicating there was someone in the general vicinity of the courthouse at this absurd hour. “Just keep quiet.”

The lack of response wasn’t lost on Kelly, but any chance of a coherent thought flew right out of her mind as her lovers mouth met hers in a kiss that left her breathless and needing more.

As though reading her mind, the older woman slid her knee in between Kelly’s thighs and slowly pushed them apart; giving her full access to where she knew her girlfriend needed her most.

Stroking the inside of her partners thigh lightly with her thumb, Tracey felt the quiver as Kelly’s knee’s buckled slightly under her. “It’s ok baby, I’ve got you,” she whispered, moving even closer to pin the blonde’s body to the wall with her own.

Tracey continued to tease her girlfriend until she was sure Kelly was about to pass out from sheer arousal. She hadn’t meant to make her lover beg for her touch, and she hadn’t meant to ignore her pleas, but the nails raking her back and desperate hands kneading her breasts had just been intoxicating.

As Tracey trailed her hand lightly up Kelly’s thigh, higher this time, she was met with a sharp gasp as her fingers brushed over the dampness of her lovers cotton underwear. “Fuck … Trace … I need … now!” Kelly’s voice rose with each breathless word, the last ending with aloud moan as her lover’s fingers suddenly stopped tracing the outline of her thong and slipped under the edge, dipping into the waiting wetness.

“Baby,” Tracy breathed, “you are so fucking wet.”

Kelly tried to laugh, but it ended up more a moan as Tracey worked two fingers inside of her without warning. She leant back into the wall for support, struggling to maintain use of her legs while jolts of electricity shattered through her veins. Hips thrust upward, begging for more of what her lover was offering; Kelly wrapped a foot around the other woman’s shapely calf muscles, bracing herself into her lovers strength.

The change in position forced a low growl from Kelly’s throat. “Trace, I can’t … stand up. Need to be … not standing.” Talking was fast becoming an action Kelly could not perform easily, as was holding herself upright. Tracey’s fingers were working in and out of her, performing their magic in way she was sure she had never felt before.

Tracey pulled her fingers out of Kelly suddenly, as though just hearing the woman’s muddled request for the first time. Ignoring her partner’s groans of protest Tracey brought her fingers, soaked with Kelly, up to her lips. God she loved this woman. For the millionth time she could just stare into her girlfriends eyes and wondered what she had done to make someone think she deserved someone as breathtaking as Kelly.

She snapped from her daydream as the object of her thoughts searched her mouth, desperate to gain entrance and have Tracey satiate her increasing needs with as much contact as possible. Happy to comply, Tracey lost herself in her lover mouth, the taste of Kelly rolling around their tongues, before dissipating in the intensity.

Afraid her partner really was about to collapse under her Tracey broke apart and rested her forehead against Kelly’s, both of them breathing heavily. Their lips met in a series of sweet, chaste kisses that quickly regained intensity. Again Tracey pulled back, this time taking her partner’s hand and pulling her towards the closest door.

“I need you,” Tracey said softly, her voice thick with arousal. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it may soon explode, and the sensation between her legs was pulsating in near unison.

Kelly captured Tracey’s lips again as they reached the dark wooden doors to a courtroom. Without breaking the kiss she wordlessly seized the dominant position from her lover, leaning all her weight backwards into opening the door. In one swift movement they slipped inside the silent, cold courtroom.

Tracey took a moment to notice their positions had been reversed; her partner now had her pinned against the other side of the door. In the split second it took her mind to register the loss of control something else jolted her. A noise. A noise in place there were not supposed to be noises.

Kelly sensed Tracey’s loss of focus and snaked an arm around her partners head to bring her back in. Tracey pulled away and Kelly let out a sigh of exasperation.

“Listen,” Tracey commanded in a whisper, taking a step away from her frustrated partner, suddenly oblivious to her partners desperation.

Kelly growled, unconsciously clenching her fists. “Trace, you can not leave me hanging like this.”

Before Tracey had time to turn around and explain to the poor woman what she was happening, a strangled laugh emitted from the front of the pitch black court room.


A lamp was switched on and Tracey took a protective step towards her partner, standing in front of her as if to block her from what was coming. She heard the woman behind her gasp, and then a hand curled tightly around hers.

The laughing continued to filter down from behind the bench and both women found it unnerving. Just as Tracey was about to pull Kelly from the room 2 faces appeared from behind the bench, one sheepish, the other nonchalant.

Both women stood gaping at the faces, aware they too were being stared at.

“Salazar?” Kelly hissed behind her, the grip on Tracey’s hand growing tighter.

“Salazar,” Tracey echoed vaguely, her gaze more focused on the other body. She somehow managed to pull a smirk out of her shock and address Salazar’s friend with a hint of amusement.

“Your Honour.”

Judge Anderlee nodded in her direction, “Counsellor.” She looked past Tracey towards Kelly but said nothing. Kelly was staring very intently at the floor to her left, successfully avoiding eye contact and therefore any conversation with the pair.

Salazar was still gaping at the women, and despite the dim lighting Tracey was beginning to feel quite exposed.

“Right well, we must be off,” Tracey began with a smirk, “we won’t tell if you don’t.” The judge tipped her head slightly, displaying approval in her usual refined manner, whilst Salazar stumbled over his words, obviously still in shock over finding his 2 colleagues in a compromising position.

“I … I … don’t think I can …” he stammered, eyes shifting between the Judge next to him and the women by the door.

Rolling her eyes and shifting her weight from one foot to the other, Tracey waited less than patiently for him to complete the sentence. “You don’t think you can keep something this good a secret?” she finished for him.

He nodded mutely, wide eyed, which earned him a swift kick and raised eyebrow from the woman next to him.

“He will not say a word,” she announced firmly, “will you.” The judge supplied Salazar with a firm look and Tracey learnt who the dominant one in that relationship was.

Tracey took one last look at the dishevelled pair and knew they had just as much, if not more, to lose than her and Kelly if this got out, so she knew they were safe, despite Salazar’s boyish need to share the latest piece of gossip on his colleagues. Rumours about the paid had been circulating from about the time they started working together, and here he had the confirmation and could do nothing with it.

The crestfallen look on his face eased slightly as the judge whispered something to him.

Tracey momentarily closed her eyes and forced herself not to think about the enticement being offered for his silence. She actually had to work with these people for crying out loud.

Kelly tugging on her hand reminded her of what had been interrupted. Perhaps it was time to leave these two alone, she thought with the slightest hint of amusement. There seemed to be unfinished business all-round.

“Nice to catch up, but we really must be going.” Throwing one last smirk towards the front of the courtroom Tracey pulled a dazed Kelly through the doors, hearing her own laugh echo down the deserted hallway as a voice rang out – “courtroom 3 is free.”

“How embarrassing,” Kelly moaned, one hand running through her hair.

“They got caught too,” Tracey reminded her, bringing Kelly’s hand up to her lips and kissing it lightly. “Let’s go home”

Snagging her shirt off the bench as they walked by, Kelly nodded.

“Take me home. And Trace, we are never doing that again.”


“Well…” Kelly hesitated, snaking her arm around her lovers waist to bring her closer, “I think Judge Anderlee owes us a favour?”

Tracey stopped dead in her tracks, mouth hanging open in shock.

Kelly grinned and kept walking, “just a suggestion.”